A starting point.

Stonework inside Bath Abbey

Stonework inside Bath Abbey

Multiple thoughts whirling around in my head about what to write as a first blog post. Reflections on what might be of interest to other people followed by the realisation that, as this is the first post and the number of followers minimal, the likelihood of many people reading it is fairly remote.

So silence those internal gremlins saying ‘it had better be fantastic’ and heed the valued advice that told me, ‘it takes time to find your “blogging” voice so just begin.’

Therefore with a nod to the notion of finding a new voice, the final decision? The diverse voices I hear narrating their stories about research in the world of health and the multiple interpretations attached to one simple word that serves to inspire, energise and challenge people.

What it is, what it isn’t, what it means to be involved in it, why we should stop using the word. Being a researcher, developing a culture of research, doing research. Who should do it, why it should be done, how it should be done. A multi-layered and multi-faceted concept with layer upon layer of meaning waiting to be explored and unravelled. A word whose origin dates back to the 16th Century, a well travelled word which, if it had a voice, would without doubt have amazing tales of discovery and adventure to relay.


A word which truly came to the forefront of my vocabulary as a clinician as a question which refused to go away and niggled and niggled until it grew into a PhD and then developed as a career pathway. It has taken me on a journey of discovery through which I have met many companions and travelled to many destination. I have encountered amazing people who, whether they were researchers or someone taking part in research, shared a core value about wanting to make a difference to the way we understand health and the way we deliver healthcare. An amazing value to honour.

So this is the word and the world that will be the focus of this blog, the process of doing research, the people who do research and what it means to become a researcher. I hope that as I embark upon a new journey others may travel with me, maybe just a few steps maybe more. Who knows? That is part of the fun.


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