Wednesday exploration: methods@manchester

This week a resource which is an excellent starting place for anyone wanting to increase their understanding of research methods via methods@manchester. This initiative has been undertaken by the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Manchester and whilst it showcases methods expertise at the university the resource is so much more than that, is freely available and worth exploring.

The resources section is easy to navigate and is sub-divided into Methods categories and Methods resources. These are the topics included in the methods categories and as you can see they cover a wide range of categories of relevance to health researchers.


Each of the topics is then sub-divided and so for example these are some of the sub-categories within survey and statistical methods category


Within each of these sub-categories you will find an overview of the topic, key references and PDF slides and links to the academics at Manchester University with expertise in the topic.

The methods resources section is a smaller section and divided into external resources with links to other methods resources such as the Centre for Longitudinal Studies and Manchester resources which links to the main research groups within the University. 

The methods@manchester resource is well worth exploring and bookmarking. It is helpful as a quick reference for anyone wanting an introduction to a specific topic, the slides and PDFs will take your further into the subject as will the links and references.

As with previous weeks if you have found an online resource that you think will be helpful to other health researchers please let me know it would be great to share with other people and build up our collective knowledge.


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