Wed. exploration: guide from NIHR for aspiring clinical academics & their managers

unspecified-1The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is the research arm of the NHS. It administers, on behalf of Health Education England, the Integrated Clinical Academic Programme for registered healthcare professionals who wish to combine research with clinical practice. The personal awards commence at internships, aimed at people who are pre-Masters qualification, and progress through the clinical academic career pathway to Senior Clinical Lectureships.

A new publication has been made available via the NIHR website this week which is well worth downloading, Building a Research Career, A guide for aspiring clinical academics (excluding doctors and dentists) and their managers.

The publication is focused not only on those interested in embarking upon a clinical academic pathway but also on the managers who will be supporting them within practice in their clinical career development.

The publication covers the following:

  • why is research activity important
  • the clinical academic role
  • so you want to be a clinical academic – what do you need to know
  • so your staff member wants to be a clinical academic – what you as a manager needs to know
  • manager and aspiring clinical academic – what do you need to discuss to make this opportunity work for both of you and the service
  • useful information and resources.

There are insights into the importance of research from patients and healthcare professionals, an explanation of the clinical academic role and vignettes from a range of healthcare professionals at different stages of the clinical academic career development.

unspecified-3Alongside these insights there is extremely helpful practical information on developing networks and skills, the positive contribution that a clinical academic can make to a team, a service and an organisation and how managers and clinicians can work together to support personal development and ensure that the skills and expertise developed are fed back into the service for patient benefit.

For any manager wanting to increase their understanding of what it means to support someone aspiring to become a clinical academic and for any healthcare professional considering this as a career route this document is essential reading.



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