Wed.explore: a resource to support with undertaking a literature review

unspecified-2This weeks exploration has takes us on a visit to another blog/website which may be of interest if you are in the process of preparing, undertaking or writing a literature review, How to do a literature review.

The site has been developed by Aurelie, an academic librarian working in London, who describes her main role as, teaching graduate and postgraduate students how to use library resources and how to do their literature reviews. She has been developing the website since 2014 and it is a mine of useful information about all aspects of conducting and writing a literature review. It will be of interest at what ever level you are studying at.

The post archive is divided into 8 categories: around academia; general; lit. reviewing; literature searching; managing references; organisation and productivity; reading and note taking; writing.

In most of the sections there are ‘link round-ups’ which curate content from a wide range of resources focused a specific topic. These are helpful in signposting you to other resources which may be of interest. For example there are link round-ups on topics including PhD Advice, which provides links to content organised under the headings starting a PhD, general PhD advice, The PhD Thesis, Finishing the PhD…. or not and Finding the literature and reading it

unspecifiedExamples of posts which may be of interest include Describing your literature review which provides a clear and comprehensive overview of how to structure a literature review describing the things you need to include and suggesting a structure for doing this.


How to choose reference management software which provides a brief overview and the sound advice and rationale of why talking to your librarian (Trust or Academic) will be a wise move as well as providing a link to a comprehensive resource for those wanting to spend time looking at the pros and cons of different software.

I am sure there are other similar resources but the thing I like about this one is the accessible style of writing and practical advice combined with the curation of content from a wide range of resources.

If you read my posts on a regular basis you will know how much I value the role that librarians play in supporting the health research community and it is great to see a librarian sharing their expertise in such a public forum. This site is well worth exploring over a cup of tea/coffee.

As with previous Wednesday explorations I would love to hear about any resources you have found useful and would like to share with other health researchers.


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