Wed. explore. National Centre for Research Methods

This weeks journey is a dive into the resources section of the National Centre for Research Methods. (NCRM) website. Established by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) the NCRM is a partnership between the Universities of Southampton,  Manchester and Edinburgh. If you visit the website you will see the range of work it undertakes but the section I want to focus on specifically is the resource section.

Resources section

You can explore the full scope of the section yourself but there are 2 reasons I am flagging it up now. Firstly because some people are in the process of developing their applications for the NIHR CAT fellowships and will be writing and costing the training element of their applications and secondly because the range of resources available here are relevant to all health researchers development.


Training database


The training database provides one of the most comprehensive repositories for research training. Whilst the focus is on social science research many of the workshops are relevant to all researchers. The training is provided mainly through NRCM or via ESRC doctoral training centres and comprises one and two day workshops, webinars, a summer school and the annual ESRC Research Methods Festival.

Examples of workshops include introductory workshops on topics such as: Participative action research methods; data visualisation and infographics; qualitative interviewing; focus groups; STATA; research project management; design, execution and analysis of longitudinal studies. Other topics include Nvivo for Windows and Writing Effective Research Reports. There are currently 12 pages of training opportunities to explore listed in an easily searchable format.



The podcast section contains a wide range of podcasts around 10 -20 minutes in length. Many are drawn from ESRC and NCRM events and projects. Examples which may be in interest include:

Publications NCRM EPrints

unspecified-13 NCRM EPrints is a single access point to all NCRM outputs: books, articles, working papers, reviews, reports, presentations etc. NCRM EPrints archive contains either the output itself, a link to it or in some cases just the bibliographic information. 

The database is searchable under the headings of: frameworks for research and research design; data collection; data quality and management; qualitative data handling and data analysis; quantitative data handling and data analysis; mixed methods data handling and data analysis; ICT and software; research management and impact; research skills, communication and dissemination.

As suggested above in many instances the information is downloadable in full text from the site. I would encourage you to have a look.


unspecified-12The final section to highlight is the NCRM YouTube. This section is smaller in terms of content but still worth exploring.  For example Helen Kara’s video on creative research methods.

Helen is author of Creative Research Methods in the Social Sciences that was published last year and is one of the first to explore arts-based research, research using technology, mixed-method research and transformative research frameworks.

So there we are – another Wednesday explore. I know I have said this before but I would really love to hear about any resources you access which you think may be of interest to other healthcare researchers. It’s fun to share and what being part of the research community is all about.





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